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  • Watch a short video on how to navigate and search this website!
  • To get familiar with all of our models, check out our Models page and click on a model to search a variety of some of their images. 
  • To start searching for an image, please click on Shop Images from the menu.
  • To find a model in a specific category, use search words like Regency or Western or Medieval, plus model’s name. For example: Western Cowboy Mitch
  • Looking for Inspirational women, search the keyword “Sweet”. For example: Sweet Amber
  • Looking for a Regency couple? Search the keywords: “regency couple”. For example: Regency Sergey Kimberly

If you’re interested in obtaining exclusive rights for $300 for any of these images, please contact us.
If you do not wish to purchase a $300 exclusive, you can still hire The Killion Group to design your project.
Regular design pricing still applies. Need a custom photoshoot? Send us an email for a quote.

If you’re looking for design, formatting, editing or scanning for your book, please visit our affiliate website:

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